Reinforcing the Dynamics of your Core Values

Core Values are those sacred non-negotiable experiences you carry with you from day to day. The ability to enjoy your life is amazingly important to developing your Peace Activist muscles.

Each week we will explore your core values. Often we tend to overlook our core values, allow old and outdated core values to dominate our actions, and fail to create new ones. To truly meld into a Peace Activist, it’s very important that you take time to nurture what these life requirements mean to you today, in the air you breathe, in the moment in time that encapsulates your being.

PEACE – What does it really mean?

Your enjoyment is tied to all of the things that make you happy, bring you joy and warm your soul.

All you need to do to see the global despair, and the sadness of the collective consciousness is to turn on your television or watch the news fly across your phone as you are thumbing through everyone’s garbage on social media. As you are scrolling, you will see images of sadness and loss, anger and displacement. You will feel sad for someone who has lost a loved one, and you will feel joy when you see a baby laughing. During this time, you are numbing your emotional responses, thus slowly weakening your core value system.

Now, to incorporate PEACE into your time on social media, the core value of positive communication across the virtual platforms must be defined as part of your core value system. See, when you were growing up, there was not a Facebook. You communicated with others by picking up the phone, or going to other social events where real people hung out and had to hug, shake hands or bond in a way that does not include an internet connection.

Can Peace be Achieved through Virtual Communication?

It must! There is no way around it. As you are becoming a Peace Activist and you are polishing your core value system take some time to do these three things which will help you become a stronger peace activist in your life. As you learn to identify your core values, you will see new ones emerging and old ones fading away.

  1. Mind your business on Facebook. When you are on Facebook, try your best to be a contributor and not a consumer. Sure, there are plenty of times when you want to sign up for a freebie or scroll for hours with no clear purpose; this is not good for your internal peace of mind. When you start to become a contributor or a producer then you can live in the creative plane, and post positive and peaceful message. Once you have posted your peaceful messages, clear your energy field, take a walk outside, and start to think about your next peaceful message. Peace will multiply when you make peaceful communication a priority in your life’s journey.
  2. Be Kind to All. Peace is a feeling that things will be ok, but we all know there are 1000’s of people who are not doing good. Please learn to practice kindness to all even when you feel like screaming, like they are wrong in a million ways, and they should be punished. All of our systems on planet earth revolve around man made rules. Pay attention to how you react and what type of people trigger you. The trigger is an indication of something within you that needs to be adjusted to get your realigned with your highest purpose.
  3. Take care of your mind. Your brain receives tons of information every single day. Inside of your brain is your mysterious mind. You have heard of the layers of your mind, but you may not know just what goes on in there. Your subconscious mind is programmable like a computer. It does what you feed it. If you are not taking care of your mind, your subconscious is going to be flooded with the experiences you allow to penetrate the walls of your PEACE.