The Path of Love is the Path of Light – Choose Love.

Love is a wonderful thing, and not just a relationship or affinity for family, friends or community. Love is a deep and miraculous doorway to peace. The Peace Leader Academy supports you in finding the right path to love for your own life. The pathway to love starts with your willingness to ask for a path to love that appears to you, yet is workable within your own core belief structure.

Today we are talking about how to expand and fortify your core values as part of the Peace Leader Academy program. The learning program is designed to assist humanity in transcending the mundane existence of living in the space of inner and outer turmoil, to a place where peace is default, and war is rare.

The core values you hold inside of you, define every move you make and every step you take in your experience on planet earth. While you are a sentient being, your humanity will always be part of your path. Core value are the framework of your inner-regulatory system. Those things you feel passionate about, to the point of being an activist, are the strongest values you hold within you.

LOVE, therefore, is a word with deep and wide meaning. The path of love is happens when you have learned a sufficient amount of life-lessons and converted simple knowledge into a lifetime of wisdom. Today, take a moment and think about the word love.

What does the word mean to you?

How can you take simply steps to keep the spirit of love flowing through you and those you love?