The Art of Present Moment Mastery

You may have been told that it is important to live in the “Present Moment”. Great thought leaders such as Eckhart Tolle write that the present moment is all there is, that yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet. While this may be true, your core value of self-awareness may encounter interference from your thinking brain, that that is perfectly ok.

Self-Awareness is a great awakening. It is the moment in time when you realize that you have been taking a long nap and are now hyper-aware of your life, of the sounds, smells and tastes that are part of your experience. In this time of turbulence we are moving into a higher state of awareness than ever before. Some humans simply cannot emotionally or mentally process this human ascension. Because humanity is just now experiencing what it’s like to be out of the human body, this awareness results in anxiety (Worrying about what might be) or depression (Lamenting over what was).

Being in the present moment, where your breath is, takes skill. I am going to be very honest, learning how to turn off your mind is not easy at all. But – when you increase your practice, you will become a master of present moment awareness. Once you learn how to tune into the unseen realm, you will certainly see why the present moment really is the only place there is for you to be, and that is where you are standing at any moment.

Here is the good news. Meditation, visualization and silence of time and space, will help you learn how to be where you are. You will never be able to just be in the few minutes of time (in your brain) because the soul is always trying to grow and expand, thus planting visions of the future into your mind, whether to create goodness and peace with new ideas, or to create chaos that you will need to sort out once your future matches the thoughts you have at present.

Remember to keep your core-values refreshed and ready to handle the tasks of keeping your feet on the ground. Peace of Mind is a core value that so many people have and hold dearly. Think about how taking just a few minutes a day to do absolutely nothing but breathing in the oxygen around you and breathing out the carbon dioxide inside of you, will keep you living longer. Just relax and just breathe.