The beginning of September is the time when thousands of people are going to be able to have their voice heard and felt. The Peaceful Activist Blog is a supplemental, education, inspiration and motivational blog to help support you in making the gentle changes you need as you decide to become a “Peaceful Activist”.

Enrollment for the #PeaceActivist Mini-Course is now open!

A Peaceful Activist is someone who wants to live in a peaceful world, but who is well aware of the challenge. You are someone who wants to live in a home where plans and dreams are discussed and celebrated, where problems are mitigated and where hope springs eternal that the world is indeed a good place to live.

Your heart pulls you to speak up, but your inner fear pushes the mute button yet again. Your voice speaks to you about the causes that are important, the core values you and only you possess, yet the stress of fitting in has caused you to not speak up.

We are in a transformational time on planet earth. Our children and grandchildren deserve to benefit from the Wisdom we now are called to leave. As a collective we must now stand tall and proud in our desire to see peace not war, to see joy not despair, to see health not sickness. The truth is that humans are made to be well, created to heal, and downloaded with keys that unlock the deeper conversations.

Please join our blog, membership portal and community to have your voice be heard and appreciated.

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