Here are the six core values students practice in the Peace Activist Mini-Course at Peace Leader Academy

In the Peace Leader Academy two hour online, Peaceful Activist Mini-Course, our students are encouraged to practice one of the core values for being a peaceful activist each day of the week. We call Monday – Enjoy Everything Monday.

Since today is Monday, I’m going to blog about how I am “Enjoying Everything Monday.” I got up early as I’m still jet-lagged from being at a Core Walking Yoga retreat all week in Italy last week. I went on that retreat to fix a two year increasingly aggravating issue with my hip. I wanted to exhaust all possibilities before I go all medical on it. Afterall my body is an incredible healing machine on its own.

I did a half-hour series of yoga stretches we practiced at the retreat that did, in fact, help my hip feel much better. I now have a new “thing” – if I’m going to be engaging with my cell phone, I am doing so while sitting on the floor. As when I’m sitting on the floor, I just naturally do more stretching that helps out my hip flexors.

I’m also here in San Francisco getting ready to teach a Cheetah Learning course to help students pass the Project Management Institute’s very difficult Project Management Professional Exam. I team teach this course with two other fantastic teachers and I very much appreciate they set up the classroom yesterday while I was sleeping (reference the jet lag). I’m the lead instructor which means I kick off the class and do the Monday AM lectures – but then I’m free in the afternoon. So, if I’m feeling tired from transcontinental travel, I can catch up on my rest in the afternoon.

Let’s contrast this with my prior self where I might have focused more on my overall exhaustion rather than this incredible Monday I am experiencing because of this “rock star” lifestyle I get to live. In my reality, the universe provides the resources for me to experience what I need to experience right when I need to experience it. Before the Core Walking Yoga Retreat came into my viewfinder to do, I in no way had the resources or the time to participate in something like that. Once I realized this might, in fact, help me fix my nagging hip issue, everything lined up for me to get there and get back here in time to teach this class.