Interview with Kristen L. on Becoming a CAPM

Interview with Kristen L. CAPM

Kristen, you recently passed Project Management Institute’s CAPM exam (Certified Associate in Project Management). You did this after using Cheetah Learning’s four week online CAPM exam prep course.

Why did you take the course?

Kristen – I took the course to pass the CAPM and to demonstrate I knew the basics of project management.

What did you learn preparing for the exam “cheetah style?”

Kristen – While my friends are still in classes “gettting ready” for preparing for the CAPM.. I blew by them and whap- I have the credential already. The four weeks were a bit intense as I had to juggle work, house hunting, two business trips, and dating a new great guy, but I pulled it off.

What are you going to do now that you are a CAPM?

Kristen – This is going to help me work with others on my team when working on projects. I got a promotion at work because of the CAPM (and a pay increase). And now I’m in line to become a PMP and take on even more challenging projects. THANK YOU CHEETAH LEARNING.

Kristen can be reached on twitter at kristencapm and via email at

Kristen Studying for the CAPM

Kristen Studying for the CAPM

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