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Risk Management of the Known Risk of Covid-19

Sunday, November 29th, 2020

Reduce the probability of catching Covid-19 and the imapact should you be exposed to Covid-19.

As an engineer and a research scientist who has taught project management for the past 20 years, I am tuned into doing risk management on the big known risks in my life.  Managing known risks is done by reducing both the probability of those risks occurring and reducing the impact of those risks if they were to occur.

Right now, every human on the planet is dealing with the known risk of the highly infectious airborne transmitted disease Covid-19.
We know how to reduce the probability of exposure – wear a mask, wash your hands, stay six feet away from others, avoid large gatherings, stay away from super-spreader situations (gyms, bars, indoor events, places where people aren’t wearing masks)
We know a little how to reduce the short term impact by reducing the viral load – this requires reducing exposure time to people who could be infectious and killing the virus if it does get into your nose (research shows a .5% iodine solution can kill the coronavirus in your nose in 15 seconds, there are well known anti-viral herbs such as oregano, garlic bay leaf and olive leaf that can kill coronavirus, and baking soda can make your upper respiratory system less hospitable for the virus. You can inhale a steam of a very small percentage of iodine, anti-viral herbs, and baking soda to reduce the viral load of upper respiratory contagions of all types).  Get a recipe for this at
Reducing exposure to potentially infectious others is our first line of defense though. Asymptomatic testing helps tremendously with reducing exposure to people who could be infectious and not know it.
Reducing the short term impact of Covid-19 by reducing the viral load takes constant vigilance – it’s not a once in a while thing.
We don’t know so much though about how to reduce the long term impact of this disease as even some folks with strong immune systems are being laid out by it suffering long term health consequences. People with diabetes and other health conditions have a 10% fatality rate. I’ve had close friends and family members who have caught Covid and recovered but who are still suffering from symptoms. I’ve had five friends with no symptoms what so ever die from heart attacks and strokes who were asymptomatic with Covid. I’m older so as part of my risk management plan, I’ve been taking Red Sage since April to reduce the risks of having a heart attack or stroke from an asymptomatic case of Covid. I’ve also known people who have had mild cases of Covid – but we really still do not know of the long term health consequences.
To those who think this is much ado about nothing or a hoax, I ask you to please learn about risk management and reduce both your probability and impact of catching Covid – 19 – because of the highly infectious nature of this disease, all of our lives depend on it.