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10 PDUs for $100 and Learn How to Get More of What you Want Too

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

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Uncross your wires with the Cheetah Negotiations for Career Building course, and take advantage of our one-day special offer and pay only $99* today for this $625 course (a $526 savings) when you use promo code TinCans2010.

In this 10 PDU course you will learn to be clear in your communication so that you can fully exploit your talents and potential and get what you want FAST.  This course includes a negotiation styles assessment that will help you understand your negotiating strengths and challenges.

We are donating 25% of all proceeds of today’s sale to the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to promoting advancement through the application, development, and promotion of project management.

This deal is only valid for the first 100 registrations, so don’t wait- save today!

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