April 18 - Connect, Learn, Create, Build

CL_4-18-2015Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

April 18 - If you would like to create more financial prosperity in your life, improve your non-financial sources of capital - CONNECT (develops social capital), LEARN (develops knowledge capital), CREATE (develops brand capital), and BUILD (develops infrastructure capital).

April 17 - Make It Happen

CL_4-17-2015Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

April 17 - Whenever you are faced with something that appears insurmountable, instead of immediately going to, “I can’t do this,” change your thinking. Ask: what needs to happen for me to be able to do this? Then go make it happen.

April 16 - Balanced Relationships

CL_4-16-2015Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

April 16 - Create balanced relationships aligned with the priority you are each willing to make the other.

April 15 - Appreciation and Gratitude

CL_4-15-2015Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

April 15 - What if the main form of currency was appreciation and gratitude? Would you be wealthy or poor? Live today as if appreciation and gratitude are our sources of currency and you are on the Forbes magazine list of the top ten wealthiest people in the world.

April 14 - Whole-Body Thinking

CL_4-14-2015Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

April 14 - Your brain is not the only part of your body that drives your “intelligence.” Your muscles respond and drive stress responses, your stomach creates 90% of the feel-good hormone serotonin, and your heart beat creates the electrochemical sensation that could increase or decrease feelings of anxiousness. Pay attention to how your body creates many of your feelings and thoughts.

Spring Cleaning and Attachment

by Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

Your Level of Attachment Drives Many Other Aspects of Your Life

Your Level of Attachment Drives Many Other Aspects of Your Life

Several years ago I was studying attachments. I realized the strength of my attachments actually were limiting new experiences in my life.  I liked Miquel Ruiz’s book on the Five Level’s of Attachments and looked at it through four different perspectives.

1. How my behavior went from accepting to judging as my attachment levels increased.

2. How my strategies were impacted from go with the flow to more controlling for increasing levels of attachments.

3. How my ability to respond to situations went from flexible to rigid based on how attached I was.

4. How my actions went from spontaneous to predictable based on my level of attachment.

Since it was spring, I looked around at all the clutter in my life and realized - I was choking in the largesse of attachment.   Did I really need to build a new garage to hold all my treasures I was so deeply attached to?   Or, did it make more sense to liberate myself from all these attachments and right size my life with a cleaner and clutter free space?

Recently someone posted on the Cheetah Learning Facebook page, that instead of taking Cheetah’s PM of Spring Cleaning class, they could use the money just to hire someone to do the spring cleaning for them.   While on the surface, this might sound like a good idea, the reality is - when you do that, you allow a stranger to decide for you those things important for you to keep.  Spring Cleaning is an activity you have to do yourself as it is about freeing yourself from those attachments no longer serving you - and only you can decide that.   And this is a view I’ve grown rather attached to after living a life where I had no idea where much of my treasurers were anymore because I had so much stuff other people put away for me.  Doing my own spring cleaning got me back in touch with what was worthy of my attachment and what was not.

You can break your attachments to your stuff and live a more free and easy life.  Take Cheetah’s PM of Spring Cleaning - use the promotion code - notattached and get this 40 PDU course for $400.

April 13 - Get Up and Move!

CL_4-13-2015Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

April 13 - The brain can only absorb what the butt can endure. When you find yourself getting ants in your pants, get up and MOVE. And move fast - for at least 20 minutes. Go for a brisk half-hour walk - shoot for 2 miles. Run up several flights of stairs, put on some fast music and dance to it - the most important thing is to move. You’ll soon find your brain back in gear.

April 12 - Live Your Gifts

CL_4-12-2015Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

April 12 - Being a humble servant by best using your innate talents to fulfill your life’s work is the best gift one can give to humanity. You know who you are at your core. Since arrogance is in fact a sign of ignorance, live your gifts rather than wearing them as badges of honor. Be humble and think of others first. Humility means you don’t think of yourself at all.

April 11 - Stuck? Move to the Next Task.

CL_4-11-2015Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

April 11 - Inch by inch, life’s a cinch; yard by yard, life is hard. When you don’t feel like you are making progress on an important project, stop and figure out the next task. Just focus on that. Work on it until you finish it. Then, tackle the next task. Repeat as needed, and you’ll be on your way to completing your project.

April 10 - Learning to Achieve Goals

CL_4-10-2015Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

April 10 - Having a goal, and enduring the pain and failure to reach that goal, teaches you how to achieve goals. It doesn’t matter what the goal is. What matters is that you have the goal, you work hard to achieve the goal, and you learn you have it in you to achieve your goals. This sets you up for going for that next big thing in your life.