PM4Girls Blogger Elizabeth Harrin Shares Lessons Learned

Elizabeth Harrin was at the recent PMI Global Congress – she is the creator of the blog –, the author of Project Management in the Real World from BCS, a senior project manager in the financial services sector. She is a member of the British Computer Society, Elizabeth lives and works in London, England.

A member of my new media team recently interviewed Elizabeth on what she has learned running her Project Management Blog.   Here is that interview.  Thank you Elizabeth.

Hello Kristen

I’m not surprised you couldn’t get away from the Cheetah stand – every
time I walked past it was packed.  I was hoping to get some time to
talk to Michelle as I saw her collect her award on Saturday.  I often
review project management books so I was hoping to win one from your
stand, but I didn’t get a chance to spin the wheel!

I’m flattered and pleased that you’d like to include me in your top 100
PM bloggers.  I’m surprised that there are that many out there, so I’m
looking forward to reading the list!  I have answered your questions

What have you learned doing your blog?
That I actually do know something about my subject.  When I started out
blogging it was to promote my book, which is written around case
studies.  I adopted that model because I wasn’t sure that people would
care what I had to say – why would I be considered an expert?  So I
crafted it around other people’s experiences.  What I realised through
the comments and emails I received from blogging, and also meeting
people at events, was that actually my experiences are valuable and
over the years I have developed an expertise at work.

How has your blog helped the field of pm?
Seriously?  It would be arrogance to say that my blog has helped the
field of PM – I have a relatively small, niche audience and I’m hardly
revolutionary.  What I do hope to do is demystify PM.  Project managers
have pretended that PM is complicated and shrouded in a language and
techniques only they understand.  That’s all rubbish.  If you can
organise a party, you’re a project manager.

What do you like most about blogging?
I love that I get to meet and talk to so many interesting people.  I
can make pretty much anything relevant to project management, so I get
to write about shoes and handbags!

Besides yourself, who do you like in pm?
Online?  The PMI New Media Council sites are all brilliant.  I like
PM Majik too, although it’s relatively new so the content is limited.  PM
PM Hut has been a labour of love for Fadi and the site has a great deal of
depth now.  In ‘real life’, Patrick Mayfield.  He’s a great speaker, he
contributes to standards and he blogs too, he’s one of the unsung
heroes of the British PM scene.

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Hello Michelle and Kristen. Thanks for publishing this! Just to point out though that I now live and work in London. It’s closer to home and is a great city, but I do miss the bread, decent coffee and architecture of Paris.

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