Is “Bliss” possible?

Yes, there is a path to bliss

The road to bliss is paved and on the map

I realize that many people are very scared right now because of the uncertainty of our times. What helps me get back to the steady state condition where “bliss” is actually possible is thinking about all the ways that I can build bliss into my life. Here is my top ten list of how to build an enduring state of bliss. (who wants to be happy just for a few fleeting moments – I prefer to lead a blissful existence.)

1. Completing projects fast to get the value of what is created builds bliss.
2. Picking the right projects to pursue build bliss.
3. Working well with other people on a common goal builds bliss.
4. Helping other people achieve their dreams builds bliss.
5. Doing something meaningful builds bliss.
6. Setting it up so everybody wins builds bliss.
7. Enjoying the company of others who are also fully engaged in their life projects builds bliss.
8. Creating new ways of meeting goals builds bliss.
9. Taking time to appreciate a completed project builds bliss.
10. Knowing that what we set out to achieve, we can achieve, builds bliss.

I have a bunch of free tools that can help you create a more blissful existence too.

Tools to Create an Enduring State of Bliss

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