Project Energy Independence Feasiiblity Studies and Mind Maps

Project Energy Independence WBS Mind Map

Project Energy Independence WBS Mind Map

The official name for my New Year’s resolution of becoming energy self-sufficient is now Project Energy Independence. My energy improvement activities are well under way with replacing hot water tanks with tankless hot water heaters and swapping out high wattage light bulbs and appliances with low wattage ones. The next phase of my energy independence project is to assess the opportunities I have at each site for creating my own power. Here is what I’ve found so far:

Nevada – great opportunities for solar. The only constraint is space and money to purchase solar panels. For both properties there I can meet all the electrical power needs with solar panels. On one property, there is sufficient space to put up several wind mills and consider installing a geothermal heat pump system as well. I created a free Solar Energy Smart Start Guide based on what I learned evaluating solar opportunities in Nevada – you can get it at

Power Profile for the Nevada Property

Power Profile Mind Map for the Northern Nevada Property

Connecticut – good location to do a geothermal heat pump application. Favorable legislative climate for creating my own power from solar – so I’m looking at putting up both solar shingles and some ground mounted solar panels.

Alaska – I have numerous energy generating opportunities on the land up there. I might be able to power the entire town with the wind out on my point. I was looking at a potential hydro power application using rain catchment – it would only produce about 1/3 the electricity for a small home – but it may not cost that much to implement. And I have some great geothermal heat pump opportunities as well.

If you would like to see the details of what I have been evaluating – visit

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