Project Management Certification- It Pays (Literally)

What is in a name? Would your rather take medical advice from just any Joe Shmoe, or would a DOCTOR Joe Shmoe have a little more influence on you?

In our society, a title does matter, because not only does it represent a certification and a knowledgebase, but also a dedication to a profession that is quantifiable and meaningful.

So what do the letters PMP after a name mean to you? To many employers who are actively seeking to hire, these letters can mean the difference between a second look at a resume and a shuffle to the bottom of the stack. PMP Certification, which if offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), provides a clear message to potential employers of competence and a foundation of knowledge that is crucial to be a successful project manager. Due to the extensive requirements established in obtaining and maintaining this certification, the letters PMP signify much more than just a test. Prospective PMP’s have to have a certain amount of education/work experience in order to sit for the exam, and after they have received their PMP, they must take Continued Certification Requirements in order to maintain their PMP status.

So, now that you know the benefits of having a PMP, you may be more inclined to consider obtaining this certification if you have not already done so. But what if I told you that some companies today not only prefer their Project Managers to have their PMP, but REQUIRE it? This is the reality for many organizations. Requiring PMP certification makes sense for many companies who want the assurance that their employees share the PMBOK knowledge base and are committed to staying current with their project management skills.

While I have not found a list that reveals the exact number of employers who are requiring the PMP credential (if you know of such a list existing, please share!), and cannot quantify the trend throughout the years, there is a general consensus among the Project Management community, both job seeker and employers, that the PMP is becoming the new standard. So if you have your PMP credential and are maintaining it, publicize it! If you are working towards your credential, well done, your efforts will be well worth the payback.

Thanks for reading,

Kristen LaBrosse, CAPM

2 Responses to “Project Management Certification- It Pays (Literally)”

  1. Project Management Professional Certification Says:

    The PMP Exams are really worth and its courses are available at too many places.

  2. PMP Certification Says:

    Completely agree with everything you said Kristen. Its definitely the new benchmark for project managers. As soon as you are eligible, you should try and get the PMP certification.