Project Management Fundamentals Certificate Program

by Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

My blog sidekick, Kristen LaBrosse, CAPM opened my eyes to the fact that the Generation Y folks really are the Y-Not generation.  Why not just go for it young and get all the education and credentials you can to be as successful as you can as soon as possible.   She is meeting all types of generation Y types who live by this credo.   So I decided to give them an extra boost and created a certificate program for people just starting their careers to give them a boost into higher levels of management faster.   I was lucky when I started my career – I was an Air Force ROTC graduate and the Air Force tossed me right into a management position overseeing multimillion dollar testing programs.  I got to deal with people at high levels of industry from around the world in a unique position – as their customer.   I learned VERY fast how to move in those circles, the lingo, the look, the tools.    By the age of 25, I had enough guts and know how to set out on my own and hit a block buster success with my first business.    Yes, I had subsequent failures as I spread my wings into areas where I did not yet know how to fly – but once I learned the solid foundation of project management, I was able to easily soar with my business pursuits.    Had I known at the age of 25 what I know now, I would’ve prevented the sputtering stalls I had in my mid-30’s.   I want to give the Gen Y folks the tools to surpass my success story and that is why I created the PM Fundamentals Certificate Program that helps people just starting in their career the tools to have very fast and enduring success.   It’s a five part course that teaches you how to leverage your innate strengths, how to get your projects done fast, teaches you how to pass the certified associate in project management (CAPM) certification exam so you have a credential that shows you have the requisite knowledge for PM, and then you learn how to use your PM skills to get your foot in the door and move up the career ladder fast.   I put together the program I wish I had in my 20’s.   And best of all, it passed the Kristen test.   She liked it.  (believe me she would let me know if she thought it was lame).

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