Cheers- to Earth’s Health

by Kristen LaBrosse, CAPM
How do you celebrate Earth Day? To celebrate Earth Day, my roommate and I volunteered at the Citizens Climate Lobby booth at the annual Earth Fair held at Balboa Park in San Diego.

I became interested in the Citizens Climate Lobby last summer while I was a mentor for an intern at Cheetah Learning. One of my tasks included helping her write weekly articles that pertained to environmental issues, such as global warming, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and other horrifying and interesting realities that many people do not think about on a day to day basis.

During a summer of mentoring and being exposed to the calamities that were happening to the planet, I was simultaneously exposed to a group who was hell-bent on doing something about it: The Citizen’s Climate Lobby (CCL). A woman in my Toastmasters group heard me give a speech about the environment one evening, and invited me to a CCL meeting. I agreed to go and was immediately impressed by the breadth and dedication of the group.
CCL operates by training volunteers to speak with confidence to their local and national elected officials in order to get important environmental issues on the Congressional radar. Members of CCL can make a difference by meeting with Congress members, launching letter-writing campaigns (to Congress or letters to the editor), and create editorials that promote various issues regarding climate sustainability. If you are interested in starting your own CCL group in your community, click here.

I have become even more intrigued in how I can capitalize on becoming green for not only altruistic reasons, but financial reason as well, through the knowledge that I have gained as a co-researcher and writer the Cheetah Power Newsletter, which encourages individuals to “Take Power of Your Power” (that is, take power of your power usages and supply), and to use alternative energy in a way that makes sense both financially and environmentally.
So, how do you celebrate Earth Day? Wear green? Ride your bike? Start a sustainable energy lobbyist group? Take a shorter shower? Research your energy rights and options? Whatever you choose to do, remember that no effort is too small.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Earth Day.

GREAT POST Kristen!!!!!!!   When thinking about being “earth friendly” do what makes sense in multiple realms.  When I started Cheetah Learning, I didn’t like how when you went to conventional training, you got these huge binders filled with the instructor’s power point presentation.   First off, presenting a presentation off power point slides is not teaching and not much learning happens, second off, it’s a tremendous waste of paper and binders to hand out those presentations that were extremely low on content.   I set up the courses at Cheetah learning so people left with the actual skills they needed to accomplish their goals – whether it be to pass the PMP exam or to launch and run a successful project.   No binder full of paper ever helped anyone do either of those two things.   And surprise, surprise, surprise, my solutions were earth friendly too.   Most if not all the time, the right solution is the earth friendly solution as well.
Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

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