The Random Kindness of Strangers With The 1000 Mile Challenge

We decided to wear quikwik socks with our water shoes for the walk where we have to cross a stream in our water shoes.   It stopped the blisters.  But it just means we walk a few miles in wet socks inside the water shoes.

Quikwik socks in the water shoes stopped the blisters. We walk a few miles in wet socks inside the water shoes but no more tape or blisters.

I walked 6 of the 7 days this week for a total of 27.8 miles.  The nordic poles  increased my speed plus the foot and shin pain are gone.  I’m sold on using the poles.   This means more days where I can walk because I’m not recovering from some minor injury.

My walking buddy and I got lost on one of our walks.   Our three mile walk ended up an aggressive hill climb of five miles.     We ended up in a pretty shady section of town.   I’m considering taking a self-defense course to learn how to use a taser.

We backed off to the routes we knew well.   On one of our standard routes – we keep seeing the same people.   Yesterday,  a couple stopped when they were driving by.  The driver said – “he (pointing to his passenger) is a personal trainer.”   (I was then expecting a pitch for his services as a personal trainer). Instead he says – “Lady, we think you are doing an f&*^%ing great job of walking.”   That was so nice to hear.  I have been working on my walking technique.  Funny as before I took the chi walking class, I never even thought about my walking technique.     Focusing on technique has made the walking far more interesting.

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