Solving Destructive Conflicts in the Workplace Saves Money and Time – Cheetah Learning Explains How

If surveys taken on a regular basis over the past 30 years hold true, business owners and the managers who serve them spent between 25 and 40 percent of their time in 2011 resolving conflicts – and they can expect that trend to continue in 2012.

That means multiple billions of dollars in lost revenue – from missed days and distractions, to decreased motivation and burnout, not to mention litigation or even sabotage when things end up going wrong.

But not everyone agrees it has to be like that, particularly team members at Cheetah Learning (, known as “The Leaders In Accelerated Project Management Training.” They believe that Project Management done correctly (“The Cheetah Way”) helps significantly reduce conflict.

Among their key points:

  • Kick off a project the right way from the beginning.
  • Set up a charter so that team members start off on the same page.
  • Develop relationships that prevent destructive conflict from derailing the project.
  • Define conflicts that could impact performance.

Those and other points can be found in the book “Cheetah Project Management, The Fastest Way to Reach Your Goals,” published by MAKLAF Press, ISBN-10: 0-9761749-5-2.

“The first step in conflict resolution is to establish the ground rules that deal with conflict up front, setting the stage to move quickly through conflict when it occurs,” says Michelle LaBrosse, CEO and founder of Cheetah, Project Management Institute’s 2008 Provider of the Year.

“When conflict does occur, it takes only one calm person to prevent it from escalating and to move toward a quick resolution,” she adds. “If done routinely when problems are still small, this method prevents any conflict from developing into a more destructive problem.”

To bring attention to the issue and help resolve the problem, the Cheetah team has made “Reduce Workplace Conflict” the company’s theme for December. Additional information can be found at, which includes Daily Tips, Tools and Deals “to transform conflict from destructive experiences to growth experiences.”

“Conflict can be an opportunity to learn good habits that will enable teams to obtain long-term sustainable peak performance,” Cheetah’s CEO said.

To help businesses on an ongoing basis, LaBrosse addresses issues like conflict in a monthly column titled the “Know How Network” as well as in a quarterly magazine that can be found at She also shares tips and thoughts at

For more information about Cheetah Learning and its various training offerings, call toll free in the U.S. at (888) 659-2013. Those outside the U.S. can call (602) 220-1263. To sign up for a variety of free tips and tools, use the online form on the Cheetah home page at

ABOUT: Cheetah Learning is a Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider and is International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) Certified. Cheetah was awarded the Project Management Institute Professional Development Provider of the Year for 2008 for the significant contribution it made to the field of project management with its accelerated approach to teaching and doing project management.

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