21 Day Practice of Peace – Day 20 – Detachment

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

Give up beef and dairy?   Are you kidding?   Why am I so attached to what I'm attached to and how might it be holding me back from achieving a more peaceful existence?

Give up beef and dairy? Are you kidding? Why am I so attached to what I am attached to and how might a more detached perspective create a more peaceful existence?

Yesterday I had a one on one session with the folks who are starting up “Body Knows Healing” – this wonderful couple from Japan who relocated to Kona after the tsunami.   I learned some interesting things – that at first I bristled at then I decided – hmmmm – maybe I need to approach this as more of a detached observer.  And it got me thinking to where else in life am I attached to ways of being that may not be creating the most peace and harmony in my life right now?   Most of their assessments I agreed with -but some are for giving up habits I cherish and feel are the fabric of who I am.   Like yesterday morning, at the Dragon Fly Ranch B&B where I’m staying, I was invited to teach the woman who had prepared this amazing raw foods vegan dinner the night before, how to make hollandaise sauce.   This amazingly delectable mixture of butter, cream, eggs, and lemon are not good for me?   Give up dairy and beef – c’est non – this cannot be.   So okay, I’ll walk more, eat more fruits and veggies – but did my body really tell you it wanted to be like I was when I was 33?   I recall that was the year my husband went off the deep end and left me to find himself.   I was taking care of my 3 and 5 year olds solo and seemed to be totally crazy subsisting primarily on beef when I could even find the time to eat.   I did walk 5 miles a day at the suggestion of my counselor who thought it would be good for me as a way to deal with the stress of it all and managed to lose the standard divorce 50 pounds in the process.   I’m never going to be 33 again (and thank god for that).   But I can take a more detached view at my cherished habits and find ways for my body to discover a level of peace and happiness between exercise and food choices.   Today I am pondering – where else can I use this same detachment to release other beliefs and habits I cling to,  on the surface they seem to make me happy in the moment, but may create less than a peaceful existence for me overall?

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