21 Day Practice of Capitalism – Day 4 – Be More of Who You Are

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

The Sea Lion is the Sea Lion, Not a Killer Whale. Be who you are, you are one of a kind. Besides that, everyone else is taken.

For every entrepreneur, their business is the ultimate expression of who they are and how they are choosing to show up in the world.   The key strategy to my main business – Cheetah Learning is to help everyone associated with the business – from our staff through to our students – succeed by becoming more of who they are.   Leveraging innate genius is the key value driver both inside the business and for our students.   This shows up in how we live our other core values:

  1. Be in service to others – their success is our success.
  2. Pursue mastery in our areas of strengths
  3. Focus on finishing
  4. Live with an attitude of gratitude – make someone’s day.
  5. Be our brand –  fast, fun and effective.

In the vision to action pyramid posted two days ago, there are four key areas our values shape our competitive strategy in:   Operations, Marketing, Sales, and Support.

In a world where it’s fairly easy to copy others intellectual efforts – what truly differentiates one business from another offering similar products and service is how their core values become embedded in the business systems and how the experience with the business resonates as value for the customers.

As we are creating the Inspired Eagle B&B, we are working on defining our core values BEFORE creating the strategies to achieve our vision through our mission:

Here is some of our initial thoughts on the values drivers we want our guests to experience at the Inspired Eagle Eco B&B:

  1. Gracious, Kind & Caring Hosts
  2. Sustainability Based Eco Tourism
  3. Events that Foster a Sense of Community and Belonging
  4. Good Cheer – Conviviality
  5. Pristine Natural Beauty Inside and Out

With the Inspired Eagle Eco B&B – we will be designing the systems to insure they enable everyone who touches our business (and our guests) to experience our core values.

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