21 Days of Capitalism – Day 9 – Platinum Rule

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

I made it to Haines, Alaska to continue work on setting up the Inspired Eagle Bed and Breakfast on an amazing property that I’ve owned since 2005  – it was just looking for the “right mission.   So far so good as I am getting supportive encouragement from my neighbors – many whom are very accomplished artists.   I did an initial walk through the house to see what was left to do to ready it for BnB guests.   And noticed a LOT of bare walls. And I remembered the Platinum Rule – which is one step up from the Golden Rule.  In the Golden rule – you are supposed treat others as you would like to be treated.   The Platinum rule goes a step further –  to treat people in the way they would prefer to be treated.   By giving people exactly what they want, in the long (and usually in the short run) –  I end up getting exactly what I want.   So instead of going out and purchasing artwork that will stay in the BnB (my first thought),  the neighbors and I discussed using the BnB as their own art gallery – showcasing their work for sale and letting the guests who visit the BnB purchase the art on display around the home.    The Platinum rule introduced a solution that is far more beneficial than the solution the golden rule would have generated PLUS it helps the neighbors get a “win” from me creating a BnB in our neighborhood.

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