Jan 10 – The 5 Changes that Sabotage Your Projects


Cheetah Certified Project Management (CCPM) Tip of the Day

Jan 10 – The only constant in life is change. The longer it takes you to achieve a goal, the more things in your life will change that may make it even harder to reach it. Complete something of significant value every two weeks towards achieving your goal. This reduces the amount of change that can derail your pursuits.


If a project is worth starting, it’s worth finishing. When a project takes too long to finish, there are five changes that can sabotage you from finishing your project:

1. People’s availability to help you complete your project can go away.

2. Your priorities to do the work required to finish the project can change.

3. Money that you were counting on to purchase supplies for your project can be reallocated to a more pressing need.

4. A technology application you were counting on using can change or become unavailable.

5. The need for what you wanted to create with your project can disappear.

So BEFORE you start any project, ask yourself: how important is it I finish this project.? If it’s not important for you to finish, consider why you are starting.

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