Jan 24 – Leap off the Shoulders of Giants

Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

Create Your Success from the Shoulders of Giants

Create Your Success from the Shoulders of Giants

Jan 24 – Build off the shoulders of giants. Take the time to acknowledge and celebrate others’ achievements and see what you can adopt to help you achieve your own goals.


Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP

What fascinates me when I read books from people who study and report on success is how many other giants they studied to get to where they were. Two of these were Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill. These two sages from long ago did not just study how one person became successful – they studied how hundreds of very successful people got to where they were. And there is a common element to all the stories – building off of the success of others.

Recently I was reading about the habits of wealthy people. What, precisely, do wealthy people do differently than people who don’t realize as much financial prosperity? There are two things they do differently. The first is they set goals. The second is they read books on how people get to be successful and they read them prolifically. It’s not that they just read one or two books on how to create their own success – they read multitudes of them. And they don’t just set one or two goals, they set multiple goals.

In the Cheetah Certified Project Manager you learn these two crucial skills. You learn how to set the right goals for you and achieve these goals in the right way for your unique strengths. You also learn how to “cheetah” read books. While this skill comes in handy to read the books associated with the program, it also stays with you for a lifetime. It allows you to quickly read, understand, and remember any book you read in the future.

If you want to create a better life than you are currently experiencing, check out the Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) program at www.cheetahcertifiedpm.com. Start today to create the epic adventure that is your life.

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