Jan 3 – Complaints to Commitments

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP

Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

The very act of creating New Year’s Resolutions is the resolve to create something different in your life than what you are currently experiencing.    Setting a resolution to create something different, rather than complaining about how things are, helps develop the neural networks in your brain to in fact put in motion what you need do to achieve your resolution.   This is called the “can do” attitude.   Try out this experiment for yourself.   Whenever you feel yourself slipping into the complaining mode – “this won’t work, it has never worked, I can’t do this” – find the opposite: where it has already worked for you.   Make a commitment to yourself to keep doing this.   Pretty soon you’ll have the “can do” neural networks that makes it easier to adopt the habits you’ll need to achieve your resolutions. Learn more about how you can create “can do” neural networks at www.cheetahcertifiedpm.com.

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