Feb 15 – Focus on Similar Values and Create from Different Capabilities

cheetah_feb15Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

February 15 – “All people are the same” and “everyone is unique” are both true statements. When you focus on similarities to bring people together while leveraging each person’s unique strengths, you create amazing teams.


Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP

We are all connected by our common humanity. Healthy individuals need belonging, attachment, connection, and to know we are needed and matter in other people’s lives. Yet it is our differences that spark creativity and progress. Think about who you learn more from – those who agree with everything you say, or those who stand in their own individuality and challenge you from time to time? Learning how to balance our common humanity while leveraging our differences is the work of living.

The longer you work with people, the better you get at this dance. My core Cheetah Learning team and I have been together for almost a decade now. It reminds me of a line in this song by Celtic Thunder called “The Choir” – “All God’s creatures have a place in the choir, some sing low and some sing higher…..” We all have our unique idiosyncrasies, talents, and roles, yet we are all bound by a common goal to help others succeed at Cheetah speed. When we bring new people into the team, it is imperative they share at our core driving value of Mudita (your success is my success), but their unique talent is what helps us grow and evolve as a team.

What core values do you share with the people closest to you? Post your comment on the Cheetah Learning FB page.

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