Weight Weight Just Love Me – Gifts – Day 59

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

For some reason my creativity peaks around the time when my virtual office becomes a plane.

For some reason my creativity peaks around the time when my virtual office becomes a plane.

I’m here tying up lots of loose ends getting ready to head north for Thanksgiving.  On days like this there is no need to cajole myself into performing as I effortlessly stay focused to make sure I finish all I need to do.  And this is why I love these trips.  It seems I get more done on the day before a trip than I do the whole month before.  The irony is where I’m headed is my creative sanctuary so there is no need for me to put the after burner on any writing projects, yet it is this heat that stimulates my writing like nothing else.  I wake up on these days full of vim and vigor to tackle the task at hand.   Too much time is never a good thing for me.  Give me a pressing due date and I deliver like there is no tomorrow.

I have no need to stop to wonder why this is so.  I accept it as a gift and respond with the graciousness of the gift that it is.  It may also be why to be the prolific producer I am,  I be bop around the planet like most folks take a jaunt across town.  Even the thought of sitting in a plane seat opens up my creative fervor and away I go finishing my latest writing project.  Today is no different.

As I’m getting close to the end of this 66 day challenge, I realize it will end where it began – up in Alaska, enjoying time with my dietitian – who helped spawn this idea in the first place.  I’ve learned much in this challenge to love myself more.  Like today instead of saying – why can’t I be this focused on other days?  I recognize this is what it is and it’s wonderful just the way it is as I ride the rising tide of uplifting productivity however that is happening in the moment.


Kate’s comment: cravings come from your body’s need for a certain nutrient – and being able to filter real cravings from habit-based cravings can result in balanced nourishment. I think this might be what you’re experiencing with difference in day’s productivity – you knew what you needed to get done, and you did it. Go with the flow – obviously, your work flow has served you well in the past. Look at where you are today.

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