Weight Weight Just Love Me – Graduation – Thanksgiving Day

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

All set for foodie game day - let the cooking begin.

All set for foodie game day – let the cooking begin.

I did not plan to complete the 66 day challenge the day before Thanksgiving.  My dietician says this is my graduation day so I feel compelled to write one more post.  I’m quite thankful I did this challenge.  My norm before this was to find fault with myself as the first go to when something happened – like the other night I slipped on the ice outside of the high school.  I rolled around a bit like a beached sea lion.  But it was exactly this rolling around like a beached sea lion why I did not get injured.  After landing on my knee, bouncing on my bum and rolling onto my shoulder, amazingly not a one thing hurts on me.  My new norm, is to find how amazing things are. Now I realize, I’m in great great great shape. Being round, I roll and roll well.  Having some padding with the great shape I’m in has me in the perfect shape for how I move through the world.

I bounced out of bed early to get my turkey going this AM – we are doing dinner at my daughter’s place – the dietician.  She says to load up on the veggies but all this other stuff, well it’s not all that special and we can have it any time.  I have to agree with her. This is kind of a foodie amateur day. It’s how people who enjoy the partying scene say New Year’s Eve is for amateurs.   This one is very easy – toss in a turkey, peel some potatoes, chunk up some good bread and toss in a couple onions, celery, some spices for the dressing.  Get some whole cranberries and with a little sugar make a lovely homemade cranberry sauce.   Enroll everyone else in making everything else – voila – Thanksgiving dinner.  The other night I made a halibut lasagna with homemade chia seed noodles from fresh milled durham weeds.  And I also made a sprouted rye loaf of bread with walnuts.  That meal, with it’s ten layered lasagna and homemade bread, that was a lot of work.  Today, I have a couple other projects going and hoo hummm – not much to it.

I’m so thankful for this wonderful life and all the great people who share in its moments with me.  Graduation day maybe needs to become gratitudation day.


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