Weight Weight Just Love Me – Worth It – Day 54

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Loving myself more helps me make it more of a priority to do yoga.

Loving myself more helps me make it more of a priority to do yoga.

My dietitian has this program called “Is it Worth It?”  when making decisions on what to eat.   Sometimes there are things that are worth it for whatever my very good reasons are at the time.  Her point with this effort is to make conscious choices about what I’m consuming rather than doing mindless eating.   I’ve taken to applying this in other parts of my life as well.

I woke up today an hour before I needed to get going and was contemplating if I should get up and do yoga or roll over and sleep for another hour.  I decided it was not worth it to sleep for another hour, but it was worth it to get up and do yoga.  The new litmus test on is it “worth it”  is what choice is the most loving for myself in the moment and beyond.  This AM, my low back was sore.  Being in bed for another hour wasn’t going to help my low back, but getting up and doing yoga would.  So the most loving decision this AM, was the yoga.  Tomorrow it might be a different choice and that is for me to decide then.  If I  decide today what will be the right choice for tomorrow, I will get to make that decision again.  I trust tomorrow I will make the best choice for me based on what is happening then.


Kate’s comment: When I think of “Is It Worth It?”, I think of a game show-style setup where contestants from around the country compete. The prize? Satisfaction and assuredness – and everyone can be a winner. The entire crowd cheers when the host enters, and they chant “IS…. IT…. WORTH IT?”. It sounds like you had a very successful episode this morning, evaluating what was worth it at that time for you.

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