Happiness Challenge – Integration

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Integrating the brain, soul and ego helps stay connected to love.

Integrating the brain, soul and ego improves vitality.

Today I participated in a class to enhance my auric field. I enjoy taking very different classes to stimulate my creativity so when a friend invited me to this one, I was excited to join her.  I think she invited me for the entertainment of viewing my response as much as to hear my unique perspective on this topic.

I gleaned some interesting insights relating to today’s word for the happiness challenge.  That word is integration. In the class we learned our chakra’s are like our lymphatic system and exist to remove emotional and etheric toxins from our being.  When those toxins go, we get into alignment with the love ever present all around us. It somewhat reminds me of how stillness (being in a state of peace) as described by Gangaji in her book “Hidden Treasure,” brings you in connection with the ever present love in all that is.

To clear the aura’s and clean the chakra’s we did a contemplation related to “getting the mail.” This reminded me of the Interpersonal Neurobiology model I teach in the Happiness Project Course.  In today’s contemplation, we evaluated our feelings when we get disturbing mail. As these feelings put a toxic load on our chakra’s muddying our aura.  Thus inhibiting our connection to love.  These toxic reactions happen regardless of the stimulus – whether it be a troubling interaction or alarming news story, etc.  So integrating this with my happiness model, to have a clear Aura (and connected to love) requires I become more flexible with how I respond to information I find disturbing.  Based on my other research in interpersonal neurobiology,  I can do this by living above the line in a state of engaged enthusiastic curiosity and wonder.




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