Happiness Challenge – Persistence

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

I've created a chart that shows what I'm learning doing this happiness challenge. Being enthusiastically engaged requires picking the right goals and being persistent in my drive to achieve them.

I’ve created a chart that shows what I’m learning doing this happiness challenge. Being enthusiastically engaged to create more fulfillment in my life requires picking the right goals and being persistent in my drive to achieve them.

When I was younger my father used to share his philosophy frequently that those who are most persistent usually get their way. He said it is because those who have less of an interest get bored of the topic well before those in favor of the topic do.  I’ve found this to be true more often than not in my lifetime. It’s of the same ilk, “choose your battles.”  My litmus test for the “battles” I choose is understanding how winning the “battle” will enhance life (even if it’s someone else’s life after my life ceases to exist)”  Another thing I evaluate is how much of the “issue” is within my immediate circle of influence.  While there are a number of issues that exist outside my circle of influence, yet within my circle of concern ( such as the rights of all for freedom from harm and our increasingly punitive taxation system), if I spend my time and energy there, I essentially take my life force and toss it to the wind.  The challenge has been finding issues within my circle of influence that offer sufficient complexity to keep my attention.

This lifetime (not sure if I have other lifetimes but this is the lifetime I’m existing in right now) – I have chosen to only be persistent in those areas where I can actually influence things that make a difference in my life. I have learned how to be highly productive with this approach. It’s pretty simple. Yet even though I’ve consistently been productive, at times I did find myself bored.  Sometimes there was not sufficient complexity to stay engaged. Not sure if this is the bane of the over achiever who has done a lot in life or not.  It seemed more related to a spiritually oriented challenge the more I studied mindfulness  – now though I’m having other insights.

I like the Sanskrit term “abhyasa.”  It means “steady effort in the direction you want to go.”  This is what this 66 day challenge for doing yoga daily and focusing on the enthusiastically engaged mindset that creates happiness for me.  I want to stretch myself in ways that bring me into greater alignment with love  – love of myself, love of others, love of life.  I am finding I can do that with whatever the day is presenting.  Like today – I sold a couch to an aquaintance who was moving into a new place.  She sent the movers to my house first to pick up the couch, before they went to her place.  The movers returned as they could not find her place.  So I jumped in my car and had them follow me there.  Next, I went to a bagel shop to get all of them breakfast.  I had been busy on a work project, but this was an opportunity to be in service to three souls who could use a little break.  I was present, I was enthusiastic, I was engaged.  It enhanced everyone’s life.

I am enjoying how this challenge is giving me a pick me up to reacquaint myself with the value of being persistent towards achieving a personally relevant goal.  After only 12 days I do find myself more enthusiastically engaged in the moment in whatever is emerging.  I had no idea my morning would unfold as it did this AM – I had had other plans for that time.  I did eventually complete all my work and felt great all day doing it.  Living this way,  I feel in greater alignment with love and more fulfilled overall with day to day life.  And the best part – I’m no longer bored and I don’t have to keep myself frenetically busy to keep from being bored.

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