Happiness Challenge – Shine

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Holiday bling makes the whole house shine. Merry Christmas.

Holiday bling makes the whole house shine. Merry Christmas.

I’m slammed this time of year – between the holidays, year end wrap up for the biz and new year planning.  I’m being challenged to meet this daily requirement I’ve set myself to write a blog post every day.  So it’s just a coincidence I’m on day 24 of this challenge and it’s Christmas Eve. I did manage to decorate the house while my daughters were visiting over the weekend.   It does make the whole house shine to put up holiday bling.  I’ve never been much for fake trees – but this white one does the trick when part of my standard holiday mojo is to head to somewhere warm.   A live tree would just be left to shed all it’s needles and become a fire hazard.

Today’s word for the happiness challenge is to shine.  I was reading something in Psychology Today yesterday about a cognitive behavioral therapy technique to rewire your brain so you like yourself more.  For thirty days, before you go to sleep, you jot down three things you liked about yourself that day.  When you wake up you review the list.  After thirty days of this you naturally go to what you like about yourself rather than what you dislike about yourself.  This was somewhat like my 66 day challenge to love myself.  So, I don’t need to do this for myself.  But I know sometimes I fall prey to my negative recollections of events past – family members showing up four hours late for a holiday party for example. I’d prefer to focus on the times they shined rather than on these times things were not going so well for them and they left all of us hanging.  So as part of my happiness challenge, I’m going to do the three things I like about people whenever I think about them – especially if my first thought is something negative about them.

Merry Christmas everyone…..

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