High Performing Business – Negotiations – Building Value

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Cheetah Certified Project Managers master the skills to bring out the best of everyone to create enduring and sustainable value for all.

Cheetah Certified Project Managers master the skills to bring out the best of everyone to build enduring and sustainable value for all.

Ever since I created Cheetah Negotiations, I often hear from others they perceive any encounter with me is a negotiation.  But,  for me, a negotiation is a very deliberate, well planned out exchange where there is a mutual exploration of how we can create more value together – beyond what we each may have previously envisioned.

What I’ve found never works in a negotiation is a lack of regard for the well being of another.  If either party leaves an engagement feeling in any way damaged, the negotiation was a failure.  When only one person wins, everyone loses.  Strategies that rely on manipulation or coercion of the stronger party over another are not a negotiation  – they are a dictate by the stronger party.  Furthermore when either party has a firm idea of the way things must be in order to develop or maintain any type of exchange – whether it be personal or professional, this is also not a negotiation – but a demand.

Taking the high road in a negotiation to bring out the best of others and create more value  is always the better strategy  – even if it appears on the surface you may have given away more than you received.   In 2007 I had to foreclose on a single Mom who had purchased a property from me.  While I did not want to do this, she had not paid the mortgage in six months, yet was renting out the home to someone else and keeping the revenue.  Once that process went through, I had another woman approach me who wanted to purchase the place.  Her mother had recently passed away and she was well liked by many of the people in our neighborhood.   She was honest with me about what she could afford for a monthly payment and we agreed on a price that would help her get into and stay in the house.  It was less than what I could have gotten had I relisted it.  But I was confident I would not have to foreclose on her, I would have a good neighbor, and she needed a break.   She lived in the place for several years, and then resold it – making a nice profit.  I was happy for her.   There was a higher inspiration here then to just make the most money I could on that place.

Building value, creating something better than previously envisioned, uplifting all parties by the exchange, helping bring out the best or yourself of others – these are the skills you master by becoming Cheetah Certified Project Managers.    Learn more by visiting www.cheetahcertifiedpm.com.


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