High Performing Business – Freedom – Goals

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Will achieving your dreams increase or decrease your freedom?

Will achieving your dreams increase or decrease your freedom?

Part of many courses we teach at Cheetah Learning, in the spirit of helping people efficiently accomplish their important projects, is the crucial aspect of setting the “right” goals FIRST before starting a project to achieve those goals.   Cheetah students learn how to set and evaluate their goals through multiple lenses:

  1. Personal, team and organizaitonal success criteria.
  2. Individual and group capabilities, strengths and preferences.
  3. Market and competitive forces.
  4. Stage of life orientations

Without careful consideration of the ramifications with pursuing one goal over another,  the very activity of pursuing goals that are not the best fit can imprison rather than liberate. I see this everyday in how some business owners set up their operations where they are a critical cog in the wheel of it’s success.  Early in the life of a business it makes sense for the business owner to keep things close.  Over time though, when a business owner is a cog in the wheel, they often become a clog in the wheel of their own freedom.   And what started out to create more freedom in someone’s life, being their own boss, can quickly imprision them.

Setting up robust systems,  training others in doing operational  processes, and following key metrics to gauge the business’ performance are goals that can liberate a business owner from the need to be at the helm day in and day out.  These types of goals give leaders the freedom to pursue new, exciting, and deeply fulfilling projects that can in fact expand their business in ways running day to day operations never can.

If you feel imprisioned rather then liberated by your creations, check out Cheetah Learning’s 4o hour online course Project Turnaround to see how you can create goals that better serve your life today.

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