Attitude of Gratitude for 2017 – Dec 5, 2017 – Annie Bananie My Best Friend

Annie Bananie my best friend, adventure buddy, daughter and inspiration for all types of fun things in life.

I had wanted to go on the Women’s March on Washington in January.  I reached out to Anne to see if she wanted to join me as she had us going to the Million Women March On Washington when she was just 13 and wow what a life experience that was.  It must have had quite an impact as she said “Mom I really don’t think it’s safe for you to be there.”  Okay, maybe I got a little too into the spirit of the protest when we went to that one back when she was 13.  (and I wonder why my friends say Anne is my voice of reason?).

I was going to go to the March in Reno – but I ended up with a crushing ear infection.  For which I had to have surgery a month later.  So I stayed home and knitted the pink kitty hats.  Anne went to the march that was held in Portland.  A week later, after getting studded snow tires for my car, I drove up to Portland to see a specialist there for my ear and visit with Anne.   (I could not fly because of the ear infection).  Here we are wearing our Pink Kitty Hats in the spirit of that time.

There comes a time when your children start to care for you as you cared for them and this happened for me this year with my ear surgery.  Anne was with me for every part of it.  I think the part where my dog Daisy ate my pain relieving medicinal marijuana pot brownies and had to have her stomach pumped may have been just a little much though.  Anne truly is just like the little book that I used to read to her when she was a baby and toddler – Annie Bananie my best friend, said we’d be friend ’til the end.  It’s not the end for me by any stretch of the imagination, but Anne truly is a fox hole buddy and I’m so thankful and grateful she picked me to be her mother.



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