Be a Cheetah

I just wrapped up an interview with KCFV/WJXB Radio. The purpose of the show was to share how I turned my life around by mastering a technique called Cheetah Project Management. I created the attached mind map that shows how life is just a series of projects and how to achieve success by making it fast, easy and fun to do the projects of everyday life. If you’d like to learn more, check out how 30,000 other people have learned how to “be a cheetah” – using Cheetah Project Management.

Be a Cheetah

Be a Cheetah

Essentially, this mind map shows how to achieve a fulfilling, successful life by “being a cheetah” – where it becomes fast, easy and fun to complete important life projects by aligning and balancing the five main areas crucial to success (think car here – to get the best gas mileage and best wear on your tires, you need to have all four wheels aligned and each tire properly balanced):

Vision – live in alignment with your life purpose and innate strengths

Service – live in service to helping others succeed through sharing your innate strengths with others.

Learning – strive for mastery in the areas that are important to you in life

Completion – completing important life projects so that you leave a legacy of excellence

Gratitude – be grateful for your own innate gifts, and the gifts of others in your life.

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