Participate in Your Own Rescue – Master Project Management

I was talking with Susie McCartney about joining a think tank Cheetah Learning sponsors called The Center for Advanced Learning Concepts and we were discussing how everyone in life is in fact their own project manager of their life projects. She brought up a concept that they use in her other job as a wilderness guide – Participate in Your Own Rescue. Most people get into problems by not realizing how much of their own rescue they do control. At our corporate retreat center in Alaska, we run a course where people build a kayak to learn project management. When they are done, they take their kayaks out in this small shallow cove.   In one course, a guy tipped his over on trying to get in. He was trashing around like he was going to drown. He was well on his way to doing just that, when we pointed out to him that he could in fact stand up because he was in less than 3 feet of water.

In areas where we are unfamiliar and/or scared, it’s easy to panic when we are in fact just standing in 3 feet of water and could easily stand up. This is precisely what happened when we were scared into supporting the government’s $700 billion Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (EESA) – or more commonly known as “The Rescue Plan.” The fact that we as a collective group of citizens, through our government, didn’t know how to stand up, prompted me to create the Project Prosperity class and the Project Prosperity Smart Start Guide.

The reason I absolutely believe that Project Management will in fact save the world is that it contains all the elements so that each and every one of us can participate in our own rescue. I share more about how this is so in November’s Know How Network Column and Podcast, in the Cheetah Newsletter for November, and will be talking about it as well on the Your World Your Way Radio show.

Were Cheetah's Meant to Swim?

Were Cheetah's Meant to Swim?

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