Wild Alaskan Salmon on the Burzynski Cancer Cure Menu

We met with one of the three nutritionists at the Burzynski Clinic.   Having followed an anti-cancer diet now for three years successfully keeping cancer at bay with my own adrenal tumor, they were the FIRST medical professionals I have met in this whole cancer saga who paid the proper attention to the role of diet in cancer recovery.  What was even more fantastic – their in-depth analysis of just why wild Alaskan salmon is so good for helping their patients recover from cancer.   According to the Burzynski nutritionist “wild Alaskan salmon contains an antioxidant “astaxanthin” that is about 500x more powerful than vitamin E and beta carotene in neutralizing, cleaning up, and preventing free radical damage and disease.   It is loaded with healthy omega-3 fats (DHA & EPA) the can keep your at your healthiest and that also have an amazing effect on serotonin levels, a brain neurotransmitter known for its ‘feel good, feel happy’ qualities.”

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