Anti-Cancer - A New Way of Life - David Servenr - Screiber
Anti-Cancer – A New Way of Life –

David Servan-Schreiber

One of my projects for this year has been Project Health.  In late April it was discovered that I had a tumor the size of a golf ball attached to my adrenal gland.  After extensive tests and a very minor intervention, the medical professionals determined the tumor was better left alone since the main problem it was creating had been corrected (extremely high blood pressure).   I got several opinions and there was general concurrence – continue to implement my project health practices and the tumor and I could co-exist just fine.  

In early November, I stumbled upon David Servan-Schreiber’s book – Anti – Cancer, a New Way of Life.  I’ve been slowly reading it over the past six weeks.  (I posted several blog entries on it).   I learned a tremendous amount on how to prevent cancer and shrink tumors from the book.  I decided to create a mind map summarizing the book so I would more easily remember and implement it.  

I highly recommend this book.   It seems that while a tremendous amount of effort goes into preventing heart disease, we’re still in the cancer is “god’s will” perspective on this disease.  This book shows you how you can adopt specific lifestyle practices that will help you prevent cancer as well.   What I’ve learned doing Project Health is that it is the choices I make every minute of every day that determine if I’m going to exist in a state of vibrant good health or a state of gradual decline.  I’m learning how to make the choices that lead to vibrant good health that are right for me.

I don’t purport to be the expert on what choices other people should make as we all are responsible for our own lives. So, please follow your own path to health (this is my general disclaimer). But I’m happy to share with others what I am learning on my Project Health efforts.