21 Day Practice of Peace – Day 19 – Intention

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

As I was walking a labyrinth yesterday at the Dragon Fly Ranch Retreat center in Captain Cook, Hawaii, I set my intention that every cell in my body exists in a state of peace. Later that day I was invited to participate in a short “Body Knows Healing” seminar taught by friends of the owner of the center. I thought to myself – Wow, this intention thing really moves fast. The core of their philosophy is the natural law of life is a constant forward movement toward comfort. When you violate this law, you get stressed. The stress in turn causes tension and the tension causes distortions to appear in our body, mind and spirit. The ways we attempt to achieve comfort with caffeine, alcohol, drugs, and sweets numbs our body’s natural healing abilities and creates more stress. Healing starts by relieving the tension and the movement back towards comfort. It is how you relieve the tension that activates your body’s natural ability to heal. They showed us a series of exercises to relieve tension in joints. One exercise with the neck was fascinating – the neck can move eight ways. (Up, down, rotated left, right, tilted left, right, compressed, elongated) If your neck is sore, they suggest you move in the way that brings the most comfort and then move it just a little bit more in that same direction. When you go to move it in the way that was causing discomfort, the discomfort is reduced. I’m meeting with them privately today to see what else I can do to create peace as the state all the cells in my body.

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