Jan 16 – Feelings Make it Happen

Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

cheetah_jan16Jan 16 – Identify the feelings underneath your goals. What feeling is prompting your desire to achieve your goal? How do you feel about achieving your goal?


Over tens of thousands of years of human evolution, our brain adapted to focus on avoiding negative possibilities as a mode of survival. It does, in fact, create immediate benefits to one’s longevity by taking the path where there are most likely NOT lions, tigers, and bears. While fixating on the worst possible outcome and figuring out how to avoid it might help you stay alive, it isn’t the best strategy to help you thrive. Whenever you conceive of a goal you want to pursue, you have started in motion the .05% of what you need to do to actually achieve it. The 99.95% of the work you still have to do is ahead of you. Cheetah Certified Project Managers learn how to manage their emotions when pursuing their goals. Yes, you need the “worry” emotions – and this is why Cheetah students learn how to do Risk Management. But you need something much more compelling to inspire you to go the distance with the work required to achieve your goal. You need a vision of how you’re going to feel once you’ve arrived. Your positive feelings will carry you through giving you that bounce in your step, that jump-out-of-bed excitement to keep persevering day after day after day.

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