Weight Weight Just Love Me – Can Do Focus – Day 25

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Focusing on what I can do opened up a whole new world.

Focusing on what I can do opened up a whole new world.

I remembered today how much happier I am when I focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t do. Over the past six months, I’ve tried out a variety of  different ways to resolve a persistent heel pain challenge.  One theory was I had a nerve problem in my piriformis (this is a muscle deep in your bum).   So I went to see a sports medicine acupuncturist.  It was only AFTER, a friend said yeah with those folks, if you aren’t crying when you leave, they don’t feel like they have done their job. I not only still had my heel pain when I left there, but I also now had a major pain in my bum.  The only benefit of this guy, he suggested to recover from his treatment, I go swimming.

So I found the closest pool to where I lived and joined it.  Since I am paying to go, I go.  Once there, I found out it was a medically licensed wellness facility and working out with their personal trainers is like doing physical therapy.  So I decided to try that too. Now I’m like a regular gym rat.  And I noticed outside the gym all these bike trails. Shortly after I joined, the city opened this very cool pedestrian, biking, metro bridge that cuts the time for me to get to the gym in half, IF I ride my bike.  Being the efficiency nut I am, well of course, now I ride the bike.  I got a light for my bike so I can ride there or home in the dark.  I even ride there in the rain.  Besides becoming a gym rat, I’m now part of the whole biking scene and I feel like such a total bad ^%##.

Another benefit of the heel pain – I do my yoga practice on a much more regular basis as I do notice the heel pain is far less significant on the days I do yoga. So, all of this effort to deal with my heel pain has actually put me into the best shape I’ve been in in quite some time.  Besides the persistent heel pain, overall I feel great and am getting a toned and buff round body

So the next time, I find myself wallowing in a poor me state over this persistent heel pain issue, I’m going to reflect on all I’ve learned by focusing on what I could do and what I did do and what I do do.  I can love myself more by loving my pain too.


Kate’s comment: nice work taking an active role in your recovery! It can be empowering to see that recovery doesn’t have to be rest and relaxation – it can be working other muscle groups and focusing on other aspects of  your health to achieve balance. And you are a TOTAL bad ^%##, but we already knew that.


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