Weight Weight Just Love Me – Fully Engaged – Day 24

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Easy to find my way to loving myself more while enjoying a fire with engaging company. We all need fuel (friendship) and air (space) to burn brightly.

Easy to find my way to loving myself more while enjoying a fire with engaging company. We all need fuel (friendship) and air (space) to burn brightly.

Being engaged in meaningful pursuits is the breath of life for me.  Finding ways to more deeply enjoy the simple moments of life is one of the hallmarks of who I am – whether it be enjoying a lovely cup of tea, to refining how I prepare veggies learning different cuts, to the pleasure of making a fire to enjoy during an evening of engaging conversation with stimulating company.

And so it is now with this challenge to create a habit to love myself more.  The awakening happening from this pursuit is that instead of forcing this to become a habit, this level of self love is becoming habit forming.  At first it was a challenge to love myself more – the internal resistance was palpable and I found myself having to force it.  The fake it until you make it type of thing.  Now it is becoming as natural as breathing to be fully engaged in loving myself more on a moment by moment basis.

It shows up as I stop to relax into what is going on – whether I’ve created it or stepped into the scene.  I am realizing as I delve into the reflection of this new habit how loving myself more is the way life is meant to be – without needing to even like what is going on around me.  This feels like a bit of a strange thing to observe.  While I may at times wish things were different than they are, I’m good with loving them just the way they are.  This affords me to experience life in ways I may never have envisioned in the first place had things gone my way.  What is more important to me – is not whether I like my scene, but how I’m engaged in the scene.   Am I engaged and showing up in ways where I love myself more?

Years ago I noticed I was happiest when I was creating something in the kitchen.   I got to wondering – am I happy so I’m in the kitchen or does being in the kitchen bring me happiness?   I realized then, it doesn’t all matter that much what precedes what as the outcome is the same.  It’s the truth here as well – being fully engaged in the moment creates a feeling of loving myself.   So whether I’m fully engaged in anything emerging (regardless of my preconceived bias) brings me to loving myself more, or loving myself more brings me to being fully engaged in the moment whatever that moment is.  This is just like the kitchen and happiness.   Finding the way to be fulling engaged in whatever is going on will bring me to loving myself more as will loving myself more bring me to being fully engaged in whatever is.


Kate’s commentsometimes, if I am wondering if I should regret something or not, I ask myself, “in this moment, am I happy?”. If I answer, “yes, I am happy”, then I have to be grateful for all events prior to this moment. Without them, I would not be in the place I am today. Were there moments prior to this event that I was unhappy? Of course, no life is without some tough times. But they brought me to where I am today, and I am happy. Nothing else before matters – all that I have to think about is moving forward.

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