Weight Weight Just Love Me – Filters – Day 47

When I focus my filters on the areas I influence and control - my abilities to love myself more improve.

When I focus my filters on the areas I influence and control – my abilities to love myself more improve.

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Occasionally I get these grand ideas that take me a little bit of time to bring to reality.  One such idea originated in 2010 about creating my own “tarot” cards.  Being of the philosophy though that what we experience in life is from our own hand based on what fate delivers, I wanted these cards to be more of what one could do rather than what happens seemingly beyond our control.  Using the basis of an idea I created in a course we created in 2008 called Project Prosperity, that was an offshoot of my book “Spiritual Money,”  I created a deck of cards we initially called “Opportunity Expansion” cards.   These cards help people figure out how to leverage four non-financial sources of capital to pursue their dreams.  I initially started out using a regular deck of cards where each suit represented one of the four non-financial sources of capital (social, brand, knowledge, and infrastructure).  Each card of the suit had a word associated with it and an idea on how to best leverage that source of capital to achieve your goals.  And recently we just completed our own cards, renaming them “Inspired Eagle” cards.

These cards are done just in time for us to do readings in our booth at Portland’s Body, Mind and Spirit conference this weekend.  So I was practicing with the cards last night.   How much fun!!!  One of the cards I drew was an infrastructure card called “filters.”  Infrastructure Capital is about what do you already have in your life you can draw from to pursue your dreams and goals.  So the filters card is an interesting application of infrastructure capital as our filters are a combination of both conscious and subconscious scripts through which we view the world.  For example, if I see the world through the filter that it is a kind and benevolent place, I will see the kind and benevolent examples that validate this bias.   Here is what this card advises:

“Evaluate the filters through which you view the world. You can and do create new filters based on your life experiences and the choices you make in life. Contemplate how you would prefer your filters to help you perceive the world around you. Practice every day seeing the world you would prefer to see and watch what happens over time with your ability to achieve your dreams and goals.”

This was a great card with which to evaluate just how far I’ve come in this pursuit to create a habit to love myself more.  As every action I now contemplate is run through the filter – what needs to happen here so I am more loving to myself?   Ultimately I can only decide what is in my best and highest good.  I get to choose the filters through which I experience the world.   We each live life through our own filters so how someone else chooses to see me is based on their filters – not mine.


Kate’s comment: could another term for “filters” be “reframing”? I love reframing. I recently reframed ranch salad dressing – by making it healthier using lower fat dairy and using my own herbs and spices rather than a pre-made seasoning pack. It reframed it from being an occasional salad treat to something that would completely elevate the taste and health of my vegetable choices.

Michelle’s Response – Reframing is what you do once you realize a filter you have may not be best serving you.   Realize it often enough to create the correct filter so you don’t have to keep reframing.

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