Weight Weight Just Love Me – Recognition – Day 48

Healthy Living Magazine Is profiling the way I created to use accelerated learning principles to teach yoga.

Healthy Living Magazine is profiling the way I  use accelerated learning principles to teach yoga.

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

What a big yee haaaaaa! started my day yesterday when I saw that Healthy Living Magazine wrote an article on the accelerated learning program I created to help people learn yoga.  And then to see it is the top article on their website – an even bigger woo hoo!!  It’s very easy to love myself more with this type of publicity.  Maybe deep down, I’m just a media hound.  That is positive media.  And well of course – who wants to read negative stuff about themselves?  And seriously, media aside, who wants to hear negative commentary about themselves anyhow?  I have always thought constructive criticism was just a chance for someone to put an intellectual face on being mean.  I can’t think of a single incidence when constructive criticism ever uplifted another.  While I’m fine with directness, especially when I’ve ruffled their feathers or their’s mine,  this deliberate waiting in the weeds to ambush me with constructive criticism where they have practiced their complaint of me – no thank you.  Constructive criticism needs to stay in the dictionary of Corporate BS.

I wonder how thoughts of recognition bring up my issues with constructive criticism?  It’s pretty easy to unravel this one as from a survival perspective, we stay alive longer by remembering the negative events to avoid.   But I have learned time and time again, whatever we pay attention to, give energy to, lives and stays alive.   When I let it go and don’t give other’s angst any energy,  it ceases to exist – at least in my reality.  The converse is true as well.  Reveling in glory days – it’s nice for a while.  But I do know you are only as good as your next home run.  So continual upgrading is required (and fun) as well who wants to get stagnant?  It’s still nice to get this level of recognition every once in a while though.


Kate’s comment: I think that constructive criticism tends to be unproductive because too much emphasis is put on the “criticism” than the “constructive”. I agree that there is no place for constructive criticism in our world today, at least with the current way people use it. My favorite is the “no offense, but…”.

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