Happiness Challenge – Motivation

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Practicing the half moon pose in a several hour meeting at the bank.

Practicing the half moon pose in a several hour meeting at the bank.

Motivation feels like something that is external to me whereas inspiration feels like something that is internal.   I’m far better with inspiration than with motivation.  Motivation feels like I’m mustering up the discipline to do something I “have” to do whereas inspiration is something I want to do.  I’m not a big fan of “motivation.”   I’ve decided my happiness challenge yoga practice is with having a pose I work on all week – I’m inspired to do that.  But to do that I have to warm up.  And then I’m naturally inclined to do the relaxation poses.  And there you go, I’ve done an entire yoga practice.  That did not require me to be motivated in any way.

But looking at the word motivation – I wonder at times what are my motives for wanting things one way or another.   Like how is it I’m so motivated to be happier – it’s not like I did not already start out pretty happy.   Maybe I’m concerned that my future self may not be so happy with a health issue so I am inspired to do yoga to create a future reality where I’m older and in continued great shape (in all realms).  I have seen so many older folks with health issues that make them pretty unhappy (and fairly isolated).  I see myself experiencing a much different, more uplifting and empowered reality.  And then I wonder well how would this be any different than how I’ve enjoyed my pretty amazing life thus far?   It’s always been and will always be about my attitude of enthusiastically enjoying every moment for whatever is presenting itself at the time.   I got to the point where I’ve adopted certain dietary practices for how it makes me feel right now – not some far off impact.   Doing yoga is the same thing  – I feel fantastic in the moment when I do yoga.

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