Happiness Challenge – Trust

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Practicing half moon in between today's writing projects. Developing more trust in my capabilities to do this pose.

Practicing half moon in between today’s writing projects. Developing more trust in my capabilities to do this pose.

I’m starting to trust I can become enthusiastically engaged for even the most mundane of tasks.  My kitchen has never been cleaner.   What I’m still learning though is how to trust I can make the time to do the happiness yoga flow.  I started out the day doing the beginning of the happiness yoga flow before taking the dogs out for a walk.  I’m planning on doing five reps of the sun salutation after I finish digesting breakfast.  And I love doing the balance poses while whatever I’m cooking is simmering on the stove.  I have no problem finding the time to do the relaxation poses – geez, I wonder why that is?   I’m realizing yoga needs to be part of the activities of the day rather than something I only do when I am on my yoga mat. Right this very moment, it makes more sense for me to take little mini breaks throughout the day to focus on breath and movement.

What else I’ve decided to do is have a peak pose of the week I practice for seven days to get better at it.  This week, I’m practicing half moon.  It’s the pose in today’s photo (and day 15, day 16 as well).   Today, I’m in front of my desk.  Yes I can practice yoga anywhere.  For me to trust my abilities to do yoga everyday, I need to find ways that fit for me to do yoga everyday. I need a more complex goal associated with doing yoga rather than just doing yoga to keep me engaged.  And I need to do yoga in the way that works best for me – which is to do it as part of my day to day existence rather than making it a unique activity.

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