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There are even more ways now to become addicted to technology. Staying constantly connected creates major problems with how your brain functions. Learn how you can counter this brain drain and become happier.

There are even more ways now to become addicted to technology. Staying constantly connected creates major problems with how your brain functions.  Excessive technology connectivity is a root cause of increasing lonliness and depression.  But you don’t need to throw your smart phone in the river to resolve this problem. Learn how you can keep your smart phone, counter this brain drain and become happier.

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Like anything, technology can help or hurt you.  Lately,  the attraction to stay in constant connection with others – via email, facebook, texting, snapchat, instagram, twitter, linked in, etc – while causing perpetual distractions, also becomes addictive.   (And it’s estimated to cost US businesses alone over $9 billion in lost worker productivity a year).  Whenever you instantly connect with others you care about, your limbic brain gets a hit of the feel good chemical dopamine.  Over time, for you to feel good, you come to rely on this steady dopamine drip from constant connection.  The issue is this strengthens your reactionary neural networks at the expense of stimulating your higher order executive processing pre-frontal cortex.  It creates attention deficit issues and hampers impulse control.   While you might think this ability to stay connected to loved ones helps your relationships,  the skills to create healthy relationships require a well functioning pre-frontal cortex for establishing effective boundaries and reigning in impulses like jealousy and criticism that can destroy relationships.  Furthermore, extensive research shows the more time people spend connecting with others electronically, the greater their feelings of loneliness and the increased chances they have for becoming depressed.  All of this sounds quite dire.

But there is a solution – besides tossing your cell phone in the river, smashing your computer to bits, and living off the grid.

In Cheetah Learning’s 30 hour online Happiness Project course, students learn how to reengage their pre-frontal cortex.  They do this with innovative applications of project management to develop ways to become more disciplined with how they use their time.   They also learn a simple yoga practice they can do several times a day that calms the mind and increases their ability to enjoy their world without the need for constant connection.  They master cutting edge tactics to develop the neural networks for a healthy executive functioning pre-frontal cortex.  And lastely, they learn how to create delicious dietary practices that has the body help the brain stay in a state of optimal enjoyment without the need for perpetual distractions to feel good.  Over 60,000 Cheetah students have mastered these techniques to achieve significant goals in their lives.

You do not have to be a slave to your technology addictions – you can create a life that is happy and serves you rather than you serving a life you may not enjoy all that much.  Sign up and complete the 30 hour online Happiness Project course, then throw your phone and computer off that bridge.   (just kidding – you will be able to happily co-exist with both your phone and computer after this course).  Use the promotion code “Bhappy” and get this course for $300.

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