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Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Leveraging existing infrastructure in unique ways can help you soar in your life, your career and your business. Learn more....

Leveraging existing infrastructure in unique ways can help you soar in your life, your career and your business. Learn more….

Infrastructure capital – we all have it as individuals, companies, and as a society.  It’s what helps us conduct the affairs of our lives.  As individuals, it’s our computers, smart phones, vehicles, homes, tools of our trade.  As companies it’s our buildings, our technology hubs, our machines, our processes – those things we use to create value for our customers.  As a community it’s our transportation choices, the roads, the airlines, the public transit, shipping, it’s our communication backbone (cell towers, land lines, fiber optics), it’s our banking system, it’s our regulatory system, it’s the laws that govern how we interact with each other, it’s our libraries.   When I contemplate all the technology that goes into creating our modern day infrastructure for conducting our lives, I live in absolute awe to what we have collectively created as a human race.

As an Aerospace Engineer – I’m into “old technology.”    Yes, at this time, airplanes and space travel are nothing all that new (but well still exciting to me).   What gets the geee whiz factor going for me these days is the plane though that has wi fi on it so I can continue to run my business while flying at 30,000 feet.  This is where the power of our societal infrastructure comes into clear focus on just how easy it is these days to transact commerce from anywhere.

I learned at Harvard Business School in societies with well developed infrastructures, it is much easier for people to  start and run businesses of all types.  It isn’t just the technology though that make up the infrastructure  – it is also how we regulate businesses.  Comparitively speaking the US is still a mecca for entreprenurial minded people from across the globe.  (some countries just don’t get that making it easy to start a business in multiple realms helps everyone).  But even in the US,  some states get this better then others with the way they form the regulatory environment for business start up, and for those states, entrepreneurs flock.  Take for example Vermont – it has a very favorable regulatory environment for forming private insurance companies.  The state makes over twenty five million per year with these insurance industries and if you want to set up some type of special insurance company for your industry, this is the place to do it.

What does all this have to do with running a high performing business?   The better you can leverage your infrastructure capital, the more effectively you can pursue new opportunities.  This is where being good a project management helps.  In several of Cheetah Learning’s courses – students master how to use project management skills to better leverage infrastruture capital in the pursuit of their goals.   One course we’ve had thousands of students take since it’s inception in 2008 is called Project Turnaround.  In this course, students learn how to turn around their situation by leveraging all their sources of capital to pursue the best opportunities for them.   And one we recently released is called Project Return on Invesment that helps people develop better results from their efforts by more effectively using all their sources of capital.   We also use these courses to help people in dire situations create a new life.  If this is you – drop us an email (info@cheetahlearning.com) and we can get you registered.

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