High Performing Business – Technology – Letting Go

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Every technical challenge I’ve faced in the past   40+ years of me being a techno wonk has been resolved within short order the quicker I let go of even needing to resolve it.   There is a host of alphabet soup after my name at the beginning of every post on my blog – but the one that may help  solve most of my technical issues is the last one – being a registered yoga teacher.  “Let’s do ten cat cows matching our inhale to cow and exhale to cat” is how I would start every call into tech support if I ran a call center.

The other day while packing up a kitchen to move out of a home I flipped, I had to run out for a quick errand.  I left the food processor out on the counter with a tempting cord dangling off the edge and the six month old puppy barricaded in the kitchen while I was gone.   Yes I came home to the end of the cord chewed to bits.

I had way too many other moving festivities to tend to so I let it go.  The next day I realized a simple fix would be to just cut off the damaged cord and replace the end plug.  After a quick trip to the hardware store where I picked up a replacement plug and put the three wires on the new plug,  Voila – plugged it in, nada.   So next I tuned into the growing font of DIY wisdom – YOU TUBE and learned how to put the right wires in the right places on the plug (duh).   Fixed it right, plugged it in, still did not work.  Tried a couple other outlets still did not work. Bummer.  Did a few yoga stretches, let it go.

Next day – my laptop was running out of power so I went to plug it in.  No power from the outlet. Hmmmm.  Checked the circuit breakers, all good.  Then I noticed the GFI plug by the garbage can – yup was tripped.  My first attempt to fix the cord may have  tripped the GFI circuit (and thank god for that).  With power restored to the outlets, I tried my now correctly repaired food processor plug – eureka- it worked.

When I was caring for me mother in the later stages of her brain cancer, the book “Patience,  A Little Book of Inner Strength”  gave me much wisdom to handle the daily challenges and heart break.  One line in there stays with me to this day – “any goal is possible when you have patience.”  Letting go is now the main go to in my technical problem solving toolkit.  The solution will appear in due time – it always does.


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