High Performing Business – Strategy – Trick or Treat

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Tricks or treats - sometimes it's hard to tell.

Tricks or treats – sometimes it’s hard to tell.

When people engage with you or your business do they feel tricked or treated?  You can tell almost immediately the integrity of leadership by the strategies employed to inspire your patronage and grow the business.

On the trick end of the spectrum, are you lured into engaging with captivating headlines, lengthy teasers, to be tricked into acquiring goods or services you were not even considering but that play on more base level emotions of survival?  This is a strategy of emotional hijacking – where more limbic orientied fight or flight decision making happens. Expensive ad campaigns that promise incredible results are the norm for this strategy. This approach may initially capture clients but it’s expensive and not sustainable

In the treat end of the spectrum – the strategy is to under promise and over deliver where the business is built through word of mouth referrals. When asked how people heard of Cheetah Learning, nine times out of ten, it is from a co-worker or family member.  The treat approach requires enabling clients to consistently achieve excellent outcomes because of patronizing your business – at every level of engagement with your business.  Treat oriented strategies generate sustaninable rewards and when based on processes proven over time to deliver excellent value, are the most cost effective to implement long term.

The treat strategies also attract best in class people to work in the business as well.  There are no discontinuities in life – when people leave feeling spoiled, and well cared for, the business at every level can thrive.  In the Cheetah Negotiations classes, Cheetah students learn how to negotiate in a way where every one feels they were treated well.  They learn how to spot the tactics others may use to trick them into a course of action not in everyone’s best and highest good.  Trick or treat – it’s ultimately your choice in how you wish to engage with others.

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