High Performing Business – Strategy – Uncertainty

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Taking action, regardless of the direction, opens you to many more possibilities then if you sit around and do nothing.

Taking action, regardless of the direction, opens you to many more possibilities then if you sit around and do nothing.

Being a life long entrepreneur, I know certain things about uncertainty. What I know is that when nothing is certain, anything is possible.  What creates the possibilities though is taking action, seeing what happens and then modifying accordingly.  I get to practice this just about every day in my entreprenurial adventures.

We’ve been creating operations at our home base in Carson City for expanding our Cheetah Micro Greens effort. Like every viable strategic initiative, we have multiple projects happening – from designing micro green growing systems of various sizes, to developing our micro green farm, to getting two vehicles ready for our promotional tour, to teaching others how to set up their own micro green systems in our Project Micro Green program.

We started our community out reach efforts yesterday – our first round of micro greens were ready for show and tell.  We have a fantastic lead generator on our team who was tasked with getting us four appointments at local restaurants.  We met some encouraging people who are very excited about what we are doing and also connected us to others who might be interested as well.  I got more insight into how to best present the micro greens and which ones to grow for our next out reach effort.  I also got some better ideas on what is going to be required for our micro green farm and how to better organize our efforts.  This led to a whole bunch of excitement today and more energy in the team.

Taking action, especially when you have no idea of the outcome, is a crucial step on the path to success for every new initiative.   One of the guys working with us to get our promotional vehicles ready for our micro green tour asked me – “Do you get nervous going out and meeting people?”  I said – “well yes, but I do it anyhow. It helps me discover what is possible with this idea.”   This isn’t just an innate talent though – while some people think I’m a natural at the meet and greet, it’s not something that came to me naturally – I had to learn how to do this and continue to practice at it.  I’m more comfortable in course development and teaching classes.  You too can learn the skills that help you become comfortable with exploring all your possibilities in Cheetah’s Project Breakthrough course.

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